Entrepreneurship is nothing but an inner battle.

Every day, I get up, put my gloves on, ready to fight myself.
Every day, I get up, ready to step into the ring of fire – competing to win ME.

Every day, I PREPARE myself for a fight because I never know which way my mind is going to take a swing.

Every day, I never know what I’m going to fight – it might be my fears, doubts, uncertainty, confusion or anger.

And every day, I fight because I’m choosing to STAND UP for my self-belief, faith, and trust. Trust in me. Trust in my dreams.

Some days, I lose.

But most days, I WIN.
Although it’s getting easier to win, I also prepare myself to fight a STRONGER me.

Because a stronger ‘me’ also means that my stronger mind will take harder swings at me.

As I prepare to fight this battle, I must accept a truth.
Accept the truth that this battle will never be over.
With this acceptance, I must also make a decision.
To DECIDE that I GET TO fight and win this battle, every single day.
No matter what.

Win this battle inside of me, FOR me, FOR my life and FOR my dreams.

I’m also learning that this isn’t just some special thing for entrepreneurs.
It happens within EVERYONE.

Because LIFE is also nothing but an inner battle – don’t you think?

Maybe life is just simply about who you DECIDE to FIGHT FOR and FIGHT AGAINST.

Are you fighting for yourself, your life and your dreams every day?
Are you fighting for something else, someone else and their life and dreams?

And who are you deciding to FIGHT AGAINST every day?
Yourself or someone else?

We are all in the same inner battle.
The difference is who and what you decide to fight for, every single day of your life.

If you’re interested in what prompted me to LEARN and SHARE this message with you today, here’s a little peek into what happened yesterday 

Yesterday was an…….interesting day for both of us. We both experienced at least 10 mood swings (separately, because we were working on our own thing).

One minute we felt like we were on top of the world, one minute we felt like we were hitting rock bottom.

“I’ve got this” changed to;
“What on earth are you thinking?”

“I’m amazing” changed to;
“You aren’t good enough”

By the end of the night, we were busy throwing ourselves a pity party. But at the same time, we couldn’t help but laugh out loud because we felt so PATHETIC.

Half depressed. Half laughing hysterically.

I know, we sound crazy, right?

We felt crazy!
And we were going crazy!
Crazy because our own desires to create success on our own terms was in DIRECT CONFLICT with our own fears.

It’s amazing what our mind does when we are thinking of putting ourselves out of our comfort zone.

It tries REALLY hard to prevent us from doing it – so that we don’t get rejected and more importantly so that our self-esteem is protected.

I came up with a name for these episodes:

Detoxifying Episodes

Because we are detoxifying from the old ways of:
– Thinking
– Perceiving
– Responding
– Acting

We are both at this stage of truly letting go of the old version of ourselves, the ones that HELD US BACK. The ones that kept us from reaching our highest potentials.

Just like a drug addict going through a withdrawal as they step away from their favorite drug, we are currently going through withdrawal symptoms as we step away from the old way of doing things into the new way:

– Putting ourselves out there
– Openly and fully expressing our thoughts and opinions
– Being vulnerable in front of people
– Putting our self-esteem on the line
– Puting ourselves out there DESPITE the high chances of failing
– Putting our faith, trust on the line

So, OF COURSE, we will be going through a crazy time.

It’s super difficult. It’s super confusing.

But at the same time, it is SUPER EXCITING.

We are pumped.
So ready to step into the next, best version of ourselves.
So ready to let go of the old versions.
So ready to continue to win the fight.

A fight with ourselves.

For ourselves.
Our lives.
Our dreams!!

Embrace the detoxifications of life because it just means that you’ll come out, even more, brighter and stronger than you were before.


Written July 30th 2017

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