It’s been a year since I left the corporate world to pursue my dreams and build my own business. It’s been an interesting ride.

One of my biggest ‘regret’ though is this:

For holding myself back.
For restricting myself.
For over-thinking.
For worrying about how I might appear in front of people.
For having ideas but just keeping them as ideas.
For wanting things to be perfect.
For not trying things because I let fear take control.

I’ve taken actions for sure. And I’m proud of what I have achieved so far.

But it’s a painful feeling to know that I could have done SO MUCH MORE if I just got out of my OWN way.

Not because I had to do more.
But because I genuinely wanted to DO, SHARE, EXPRESS more but I was stopping myself.

And it pains me, even more, to realize that this has occurred because I didn’t take the time to nurture and grow my mindset as much as it deserved to.

But now, I have a choice.

It took me a year to fully realize the magnitude and the importance of my mindset to create success in my life and business.

And just in the last month of daily mindset strengthening, (Bootcamp style), I have already noticed the difference.

I’ve simply just PRESSED PLAY at the things that I already knew and had inside of me.

I’ve cleaned out my mind, I’m nurturing it, I’m listening to it, I’m growing it, I’m LOVING it, religiously. Every, single day.

And now,

I feel different.
think different.
see different.
and show up differently. FOR MYSELF. Every day.

Why I’ve been dragging myself along at 30%, I have NO freakn’ clue.

But I’m tired of being that way.
I’m sick of not allowing my inner voice, my messages and my purpose to just simply come out the way they want to come out.

Self-directed pain has taught me to wake the hell up!

I now choose to use this self-pain and frustration to unleash my inner voice without overthinking or filtering.

Because the truth is, we already have and know everything that we ever need inside of us.

Our only job is to listen, nurture, grow and share it.

I’ve realized that the hero that I’ve been searching for, is already inside of me.

I know, it sounds SO cheesy. I literally just judged myself a little bit by saying that.

But seriously, that’s EXACTLY how I feel.

I’ve finally, truly and deeply realized that…


And I am so freakn excited 

Written July 17th 2017


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