Why I Think We Shouldn’t Rely on Motivation to Get Shit Done.
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Sometimes, I feel like an entitled brat. Because I get up every morning and feel overwhelmed with the amount of freedom I have….. I’m not kidding. Because I don’t know how I can best spend my minutes. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. And you feel like you’re ‘wasting’ a LOT of your time.

I know, I know, everyone (including myself) wants the freedom. But as an entrepreneur/your own boss/PhD Students (anyone who controls their days), you literally have the power to do anything you want in each minute of the day. It’s amazing but you’ll be surprised at how much indirect, invisible pressure you feel on a daily basis.

Because…. you now have FULL responsibility for your life.
You either make it work or you don’t.
There’s no one watching you, keeping you accountable.

Essentially…there is nothing that you can blame if something goes wrong.

You can’t blame your team-mate for not doing their part.
You can’t blame your boss for not communicating properly.
You can’t say that you are ‘tired’ because of doing overtime at work. You can’t.

Everything is in your own hands.
And that … can feel like a lot of pressure, if you don’t take the driving seat of your days.

From my experiences of trial and error…I’ve realized that BUILDING A STRONG HABITUAL SYSTEM is the only way to make consistent progress as an entrepreneur/your own boss/PhD Student….

If you rely solely on your motivation, you’ll get HEAPS done in one day. Out of a week.

But if you FOCUS on building a healthy habit of doing X for 1-hour every single day… guess where you will be at the end of the month.

Motivation comes and goes. And it’s hard work, trying to get it to a certain level. And then it disappears after you use it in a day.

But habits…it’s hard in the beginning but it gets EASIER the more you do it. It becomes a part of YOU. Unlike motivation, you don’t have to work so hard to ‘feel like’ doing it. You just DO it. On automation. Without questioning it.💛💛

I love feeling motivated but I think it’s overrated.

It’s so short-term.
And it’s really not reliable.

Habits are with you for LIFE.
And it becomes easier, every single day.

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