“Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.”


I went for a run this morning.  I must say, going for a run within 15mintues of waking up is SO FREAKN HARD!

Anyways, I literally couldn’t breathe on the last hill towards my house. And of course, I wanted to STOP! Just before I decided to stop running, I asked myself a question that I always ask to guide me:

Me: “What would the next level of Sarah do, right now?”

Me: “The next level of Sarah believes that how you do one thing in your life is how you do EVERYTHING in life…”

Me: “So would she give up running this hill right now? Because it’s too hard?”

Me: “No! Even if it means running on the SPOT, she wouldn’t stop running. Cos….. consistency is BETTER than giving up when it’s too hard.”

(hating it as I think it…”Farrrrk that means I can’t stop!!”)

So… I continued. I literally ran on the spot, putting my foot 3cm in front of my other foot, dying to catch my breath. All these cars drove past me, probably seeing me struggle!🤣

And I really thought I wasn’t going to make it.

I kept saying to myself, like a crazy lady;

“you can do this! You can do this!”
But guess what…. it didn’t really help me. “positive thinking” didn’t help.

Then, I switched my words,

“I will do it! I will, I will do it! i will, i will i will”

And then, I got to my front door.

My heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to literally jump out of me.

But I made it! I felt like a champion! 🌟 

I reflect back on these small, MICRO wins that I experience daily to reassure myself, to strengthen myself and to remind myself to keep going, to never give up and to KNOW that I’ve GOT THIS.

And it just happens!

Every day, I show up and build my biz.
Every day, I get to talk to awesome clients that I get to help.
Every day, I get freakn STRONG. I feel it – my skin’s getting THICK every single, freakn’ day.

And I feel like a badass, ready to kick anything that gets in my way!

I have no idea where I’m going with this but I guess I say the same thing every day haha.

Win yourself.
Reassure yourself, love yourself god-damn it!
Follow that voice/your dreams!!!
And just don’t give up!

Listen to this cute turtle-  your speed really doesn’t matter. We all have our own timings. FORWARD is FORWARD! Just don’t stay complacent 

peace out 

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