You’re never too “ANYTHING” to start something!

I saw a video on Facebook which told the story of an 82-year old Japanese woman who is one of the world’s oldest iPhone app programmer!

She created Japan’s first App for seniors.

She saw that there weren’t any mobile games for seniors and she wanted old people to have fun. She also wanted traditional games to be available for the younger generation.

So she created one. And it’s been downloaded 42,000 times.

How beautiful is this story?!

Let me share two excuses that CRIPPLED ME and how I overcame it by shoving some truths in its face!

Excuse #1 – I used to think that I was too young to be a life coach.
Excuse #2 – I used to think that I wasn’t experienced enough to call myself a business coach.

Let me tell you the TRUTHS.

👉🏼 Yes, I am in my 20’s but against what standard am I ‘too young’?
That one person who thinks that you must be over 50 to be a life coach?
Why should I care what the 1% of the population thinks?

I create my own standards.

Tony Robbins started when he was in his 20’s.
We all started somewhere when we were younger.

Also, my age doesn’t dictate my talent, knowledge, and experiences.

I can help people in ways that I’ve helped myself!

So, back to the truth – I CREATE MY OWN STANDARDS.
And plus, I’ve been doing this since I was 10 years old. So, I think I’ve got some experience up my sleeves. 

👉🏼Yes, I am in early stages of entrepreneurship.
And no, I don’t have the same experiences as someone who’s been in online business for 10 years – of course not!

But I am more experienced than those who don’t know ANYTHING about starting an online, service-based business.

Because I’ve done it.

Have you ever met 16-year-olds who are more talented online than 50-year-olds who’s been in traditional business for 20 years because they GREW UP with the internet, social media from the age of 8?

Because it’s in their blood? And they just get it?

Also, have you also ever people with YEARS of experience, yet they are still shitty at what they do?

Because they simply fluffed their way to the top? We all know someone like this.

The point is this.

Quantity does not mean shit.
Quality. Real life experiences. Natural skills/talents = This is what actually counts.

I know what I’m doing because I’ve used my natural talents and skills to do my job well, to the point where I didn’t even need a fancy website to build my coaching business.


I’m sharing these truth bombs with you because I wanted to show you that there are ALWAYS underlying truths behind our fears and excuses.

We’ve just forgotten that they are there.
We just need to take some time, peel off the layers and dig them out.

There are 2 things that will save us from our own excuses based on our fears:

▶️ ALIGNED ACTIONS based on the truth.

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