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I help people heal, reconnect with themselves and create

healthy relationships.


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What is it?


In our sessions, we will identify your goals, dig deeper to unpack the unique patterns that are keeping you stuck, and work together to bring a positive change in your life and relationships.

As a coach, I help you build a healthy relationship with yourself first by guiding you to understand and connect with yourself. It is from this place you can heal and begin to make sustainable changes in your life and relationships.

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∙ Attachment Healing

∙ Relationship Anxiety

∙ Inner Criticism

∙ Inner Child Healing

∙ Mastering Emotions

∙ Self-Compassion

∙ Self-Acceptance

Hi, I'm Sarah.

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Thank you for being here.

I believe in:

  • healing, not fixing.

  • compassion, not criticism.

  • vulnerability, not perfection.

  • acceptance, not judgment. 

I help people heal parts of themselves that are holding them back so that they can experience a healthy and secure relationship.

If you resonate this, I'd love to help you.


I invite you into a safe, warm, and compassionate space with me to begin your healing journey.

What people are saying

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"In just 4 sessions, Sarah helped to radically up-level my self-confidence and my relationship of 9 years to a level that we've never experienced before."

— Sarah, NZ