I help people heal, reconnect with themselves and

create healthy relationships.

Plants and Pottery

Do you feel like ‘something’ is holding you back from experiencing

fulfilling life and relationships but you just don’t know what it is?

Do you resonate with the following?


Feelings of emptiness and unfulfillment:

  • Like something is missing but unsure why.


Fear of intimacy, abandonment, or dependence:

  • Even though deep down, you want real connections.


Have patterns that sabotage your relationships:

  • But you don’t know why.


Find it difficult to feel, express, or manage emotions:

  • Making communication with your loved ones challenging.


Feel disconnected from yourself:

  • Like you don’t know yourself.


Feel like there is something inherently ‘wrong’ with you:

  • Often feel guilty or shame without knowing why.


Difficulty in knowing what you want and need:

  • You kind of ‘float by' or often look to others for answers.


Highly critical of yourself:

  • Feel like you’ll never be good enough.

Feel like you didn’t receive the love and support you needed growing up.


Hi, I'm Sarah.

Thanks for being here.

I believe in:

healing, not fixing.

compassion, not criticism.

vulnerability, not perfection.

acceptance, not judgment. 


I support people step into their full potential in their lives and relationships by healing parts of themselves that are holding them back.

If you resonated with any of the above, I'd love to help you.

I invite you into a safe, warm, and compassionate space with me to begin your healing journey.


1:1 Coaching


Workshop + Sharing circle.

Connect with other like-minded

women during weekly meetups.

Tap into your healing potential

and step into your full potential

with 1-on-1 support.

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