stop fixing. 
feel and heal
from the inside out.

supporting women to reconnect with their emotions and

unlock their healing potential to overcome

inner criticism, self-doubt, and emotional wounds.


hi, i'm sarah.

i believe in:

healing, not fixing.

compassion, not criticism.

vulnerability, not perfection.

acceptance, not judgment. 

do you feel like:

"Why hasn't anything worked? I've spent a lot of money and time on books, seminars, and coaches, yet I still feel like there is something blocking me.

What am I not seeing?"

i support ambitious women move from their head into their heart and heal parts of themselves that are actually holding them back so they can finally step into their full potential. 

if you feel weighed down by:

inner criticism

struggling to really feel




past emotional wounds

i invite you into a safe, warm and compassionate space with me to begin your healing journey.


workshop + sharing circle.

connect with other like-minded

women during weekly meetups.

1:1 coaching

tap into your healing potential

and step into your full potential

with 1-on-1 support.


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