1-on-1 coaching

supporting women to reconnect with their emotions and

unlock their healing potential to overcome

inner criticism, self-doubt, and emotional wounds.

together we can work on:

inner criticism

Reconnecting with Your Emotions

If you grew up in an environment where emotions were not welcomed or were restricted/handled poorly, it can feel incredibly overwhelming to experience them as adults. 

It can feel like a daunting journey, trying to figure it all out - what am I feeling? Why am I feeling this? and how on earth do I deal with it?

Together, we can help you to:


  • Identify your feelings

  • Feel your feelings

  • Express your feelings

  • Be okay with big and difficult emotions

  • Identify your needs

  • Express & request for your needs to be respected or met

inner criticism

We all have it - a mean inner voice that criticizes us.


“You shouldn’t have done that”

“That could be better”

"You could never do that."


When the inner critic is in the driver seat, it can hold us back from freely living our lives.


Rather than trying to live up to its expectations or ignore it, a powerful way to work with it is to embrace it with open arms.


By changing our relationship with it through kindness and understanding, instead of fear and punishment.


Through open and compassionate conversations, we can heal your relationship with your inner critic so that it is no longer taking charge of your life. This can liberate you from anxiety, stress and get you unstuck to say yes to life. 

inner child

Learning to work with your inner child isn’t about becoming a child again, rather, it is about reconnecting with the inner child within us whose needs were not met and therefore continues to live inside of our grown-up adult bodies.


we focus on reconnecting with the wounded parts of ourselves.


when we do this and learn to reparent ourselves, we begin to heal the root of many of our fears, insecurities and sabotaging life patterns. 

Together, we can guide you to grieve, heal and resolve areas of trauma that you’ve been unconsciously holding onto for many years. This can liberate you and help you to live a life of true freedom.

coaching package

         3 months coaching

  • $1500USD

  • 3 x 50min sessions per month on Zoom or over the phone

  • email support between sessions

  • journaling exercises/worksheets to supplement learning and coaching

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