1:1 Coaching

In our sessions, we will identify your goals, dig deeper to unpack the unique patterns that are keeping you stuck, and work together to bring a positive change in your life and relationships.

As a coach, I help you to build a healthy relationship with yourself first by guiding you to understand and connect with yourself. It is from this place you can heal and begin to make sustainable changes in your life and relationships.

Ways To Work With Me:

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① One-off 90-minute

1:1 Session

(Online via Zoom)

To book a one-off 90-minute 1:1 session,

please email the contact form below.

Limited space

Coffee Break

Together we can work on:

② 3-Months Coaching Program

(Online via Zoom)

This includes:

  • 9 Sessions (3 Sessions per month)

    • 2 X 90-min sessions

    • 7 X 50-min sessions

  • Email access in-between sessions

  • Personalized 'Homework' (practices, tools, techniques) to focus on

       in-between sessions (if desired).

The sessions are highly personalized FOR YOU and have an intuitive flow. 

In the beginning, we will discuss what you’d like to achieve/experience/improve - then, we will work towards the goals together.

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Together we can work on:

Creating Healthy Relationships


  • Stop sabotaging your relationships with unhealthy habits

  • Increased intimacy

  • Feel deeply understood, heard, and loved

  • Manage conflicts with more ease

  • Stop blame, contempt, and criticism

  • Better communication


Inner Criticism


  • Reduced overthinking, stress, anxiety, guilt, and shame

  • Try new things with more ease

  • Get things done faster

  • Worry less about what others think or say

  • Fewer conflicts and more intimacy in relationships 

Inner Child & Reparenting


  • Less inner conflict 

  • Feel more connected with yourself

  • Be more loving and kind to yourself 

  • Be able to forgive yourself & loved ones

  • Fewer conflicts and more intimacy in relationships 

Reconnect With Your Emotions


  • Feel more connected with yourself

  • Know what you want and need with ease

  • Increased feelings of fulfillment, inner peace & joy

  • Reduced anxiety, stress, and guilt 

  • Fewer conflicts and increased intimacy in relationships 

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My Style:

My Coaching Approach:

I believe that there is no one right way to change. Based on my experience, I believe we create positive sustainable changes in our lives when we can combine the following in a personalized way that supports our unique blueprint:


Head + Heart + Execution = Change 



Knowledge + Emotions + Practicality = Change

My Style:

  • Non-judgemental listening and reflection.

  • Guiding you to find your own answer, instead of giving you advice.

  • Education on topics that are relevant to you.

  • Digging deeper into the emotions, rather than the 'what'.

  • Practical tools to work on to supplement your growth.

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Self-Compassion

  • Mindfulness 

  • Inner child & Reparenting work

  • Healing our relationships with the different parts of ourselves

  • Breakthrough coaching

My Coaching Approach Includes:

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