her.vana brings together like-minded women to learn, connect and grow together. Think, workshop + sharing circle.

Every month, explore one personal-growth topic and dive deeper each week during workshop-styled circles.  


Facilitated by a warm and compassionate leader, her.vana is a safe and supportive space that fosters learning, vulnerability, and connection. 



janurary: self-compassion

program details


once a week, every Tuesday 7th, 14th 21st, 28th

From 5-7 pm




kinship studio, berawa Canggu



Let’s take the time to nourish our mind and soul with compassion. 

Each week, you are invited to experience workshop circles that are equal parts learning, sharing and connecting. 

Each week you can expect to experience:

  • Meditation to get grounded

  • Learn about self-compassion

  • Journaling exercise to reflect and deepen your understanding

  • Share with one another (small or big groups depending on the size)

Week 1: Self Compassion

Explore what it means to be self-compassionate and let’s begin to develop our capacity to be mindful, connected and loving with ourselves during difficult moments. 



Week 2: Softening Our Inner Critic

Hard on yourself? Feel like you’re never enough? We can’t permanently get rid of the harsh, critical voice in our minds but we can learn to soften it. Let’s open our hearts and get to know our inner critic with kindness and compassion.




Week 3: Meeting with difficult emotions  

Be okay with not being okay. Instead of running away from difficult feelings, let’s explore what it means to turn toward and be with them compassionately. This is where healing begins.



Week 4: Forgiveness

Liberate yourself. Experience inner peace and positivity by learning to let go and forgive both ourselves and others.










Let’s take the time to nourish our mind and soul with compassion. 


As the new year begins, it’s easy to focus on our big goals and to-do list.


Suddenly, we see nothing but everything that needs to be changed:


To be richer,

less emotional,

be happier and

love ourselves more.

Self-compassion is not about achieving.


Rather, it’s a way of being.


It is about creating space and simply being with ourselves, as we go through the ups and downs of life. 


It’s not saying,

"What’s wrong? And what are you going to do about it?"


It’s when we simply sit with ourselves, put our arms around our hearts and say, 

“This is tough. And I’m right here with you. We’ll get through this, together."

Self Compassion is about treating ourselves the way we would treat our best friend.


It’s about;

Accepting ourselves, not pushing.

Understanding ourselves, not judging.

Being kind to ourselves, not criticizing. 


It is about being okay with not being okay. 

about self-compassion