• Sarah Yoo

3 Reasons Why We Are Addicted to Over-Thinking

Overthinking is the enemy of success because success is only possible with actions.

I've been addicted to the habit of overthinking for as long as I can remember.

I remember my friend telling me that I'm too analytical when I was about 11. ELEVEN!! 

And of course, as an addict, what do I do about this?

I analyze WHY I overthink... HA!

Are you surprised?

I started thinking about it deeply because of one reason:

it was taking over me.

I realized that it was controlling me.

I was overthinking about things that really didn't need to be and instead of it being helpful, I felt more stressed.

I had to get to the root of it so that I can use to my advantage and not let it be a disadvantage to my well-being.

So, here are my reflections on why I think we get addicted to over-thinking and I also share with you some tips that have helped me on my journey!

Hope you enjoy it :)

What is overthinking exactly?

Here's my version of it: