• Sarah Yoo

3 Texting Secrets - How To Use Your Feminine Magnetism To Keep Him Interested

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Welcome to the generation where texting is the new digital courtship. It can be awkward, confusing and anxiety-provoking. There are no black and white rules to it, leading the best of us to wonder:

“Should I text him?”

“Is this too forward?”

“He hasn’t replied in a while - what does this mean?”

Sound all too familiar?

These are the beginning stages of displacing our feminine energy, where our thoughts and actions are no longer centered around us. It’s now pivoted based on what we assume he’s thinking and what appeals to him.

This causes an imbalance of the feminine and masculine energies. As you are no longer dancing from your feminine energy (which he was so drawn to in the first place), the attraction begins to dampen.

But fear not, I present to you an answer to your prayers. An answer that will solve all your problems.

OK, that’s a lie. But here is an important principle that could help your dating life:

Preserving your feminine energy is key to keeping you in your natural state and thus keeping the attraction and relationship inflow.

The better we understand how these energies function, the easier it will be to act within your feminine power and maintaining a relationship based on your natural state.

So, I share the three do’s and don’ts of texting as you get to know him and how you can use your feminine magnetism to attract and keep your new romance in your life.

But first, we must understand why we are attracted to people in the first place and how that plays an integral role in creating chemistry at the most basic level.


Ever wondered why Beyonce and Jay-Z are attracted to each other? I’m sure it's because of their similar life values and goals . And how they like their eggs.

Oh yes, and one more thing - sexual polarity.

Sexual polarity is the term used for the physical chemistry, the magnetic pull, and the overwhelming physical response we feel when we meet someone with energy that opposes our own.

-- Article, "The #1 Law of Attraction: Polarity" Tony Robbins International

When there is a distinct polarity between the masculine and feminine energies of two people, sexual attraction and emotional connection thrive.

The more opposed the energies are, the stronger the attraction will be.

This is because deep down, we are attracted to the opposing traits that we don’t have, not because the other person completes us but because it helps us to feel secure in stepping into the full, authentic version of ourselves.

So, to develop and sustain the attraction, it is vital that each person cultivates their own natural energies. If this doesn’t happen, then you run the risk of sexual depolarisation.

Depolarisation occurs when the energies are too similar. It’s like two North Poles of magnets trying to get together - that ain’t going to happen.

The mysterious fire begins to disappear between the two energies, which diminishes the attraction.


(Source - "The #1 Law Attraction: Polarity"- Tony Robbins International )


1. Don’t have long conversations over text. Instead, focus on yourself and living your best life. By having a focus, it naturally creates attraction due to the space your life needs to accomplish your goals.

A high-value, feminine woman doesn't often engage in long text conversations, not because she’s playing hard-to-get but because she is busy with her fulfilling life.

Avoid engaging in the endless back and forth conversation about your day, work troubles or share mundane information that doesn’t add anything to the attraction bank. Although there are no strict rules for how long your text conversations should last, do avoid texting constantly throughout the day. Give yourselves some space to miss each other.

Avoid using texting as a mechanism for getting to know a new person.“So, why did you decide to leave that job?” This type of relationship-building should be saved for in-person dates.

Instead, use text messages to plan your next meetup, especially in the early stages of dating.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to never have any fun with texting. Sending him a cheeky message about your day or a flirtatious message to let them know that you are thinking about them is all you really need.

After you’ve shared some fun and when the moment feels right, gently close the conversation.

This is your feminine energy leaning back, which creates space and draws his energy more toward you. This fuels the mystery and continues the flow between the two energies.

You begin to desire each other’s presence more and most importantly, it opens the invitation for the masculine energy to shine its light with its assertiveness and move forward with the decision to bring you in.

This builds attraction.

2. Don’t over analyse things. Instead, take things at face value as you would want others to do the same with you. This creates more respect between you two.

A high-value, feminine woman doesn’t over analyse his words, the frequency of his messages or acts/inactions. She does this because she doesn’t need external validation and most importantly, trusts in the process. Meaning, what is meant to be, will be.

She also doesn’t worry or try to control the situation because she’s let go of trying to be perceived as perfect. She has an unwavering confidence in herself. She trusts that the right man who deserves to be in her life will be remain in her life.

Interpreting things beyond what’s said communicates mistrust and sends out an energy of desperation.

Here are some signs that you’re over analysing after you converse with him:

  • Thinking to yourself what did he really mean by said comment (and asking him to clarify)

  • Going over the conversation to yourself when you are left alone with your thoughts (and if you feel like you said something wrong, asking him about it)

  • Reevaluating what you could’ve done different or better (and sending him an overly-thought message in the next conversation)

  • Asking your friends what they think said comment or conversation meant (and bringing up a past conversation to ask him what he meant)

All of these behaviours can cause sexual depolarization because she is too much in the masculine - she’s trying to control the situation by being more assertive, strong and aggressive with her concerns. The mysterious space is diminished.

Take this text exchange as an example:

  • Him: “Just thought of you in that yellow dress - I know it’s a bit strange but it made your shoulders look sexy.”

  • Her: “What? Are you saying you think I have big shoulders?”

  • Him: “No! I thought it was sexy.”

  • Her: “Mm okay…. Lol”

This example may sound exaggerated but many women can overthink a compliment, feel uncomfortable and therefore reject a man's genuine words.

This is the opposite of a confident woman and kills open communication and attraction.

Remember, feminine energy is about being open and receiving love, attention and therefore compliments. She desires to be noticed, feel attractive and loves being wanted.

Masculine energy is about giving and providing.

He wants his love and admiration for his woman to be well received.

A woman who feels comfortable in her femininity appreciates it with a hint of playfulness:

  • “Thank you, I was thinking the same about your chest in that shirt of yours 😉"

3. Don’t be too conservative. Instead, turn up the attraction by keeping things light-hearted in your exchanges.

A high-value, feminine woman is fun, positive, and receptive. She’s not afraid to express her attraction and make light of things.

Some women avoid a playful exchange with their new beau for a few reasons:

  • To avoid coming across as eager or easy

  • Afraid to upset things if you poke fun of him

  • Scared to make fun of yourself

Masculine beings love a bit of a challenge especially if it stirs up the routine communication. The change up is a shock that is like a puzzle to solve as it strokes their innate love for competition and accomplishment.

This is the time to show your personality and who you really are. Don’t be afraid to share your imperfections, quirky thoughts or sarcasm.

The next time you text, engage in playful teasing. Pay him positive attention topped with a dose of playful challenge.

Let’s suppose for example, he messages you during a work day. You could write back:

  • “I don’t usually pay much attention to my phone while I’m working yet you keep tempting me. I knew you were trouble 😉”

Another example, You haven’t been able to reply to his messages promptly and he casually mentions,

  • “Yeah, you never seem to check your phone!”

You could say,

  • “Aww, did you miss me or something? I missed you too 😉”

Or let’s say you guys are having a conversation about things you’d like to see or do. He mentions that he wants to visit a famous beach and jokes that you should go with him.

You could say,

  • “That sounds fun! But if you see me in my bikini, you might not let me go back home!”

Remember, teasing is playful. It is NOT mocking, insulting or offending another person.


Remember, a high-value, feminine woman radiates love. Love for others but most importantly, love for herself. This means that she has standards and a sense of loving respect for herself, her time, energy and space.

The key is to treat your new interest like you would treat anyone else.

Think about how you would treat a new friend.

  • You wouldn’t wait around for their texts every moment of the day.

  • You wouldn’t drop your plans for them every time they contact you to hang out last minute.

  • You wouldn’t read into things or get heart broken if they don’t respond in a timely manner.

  • You wouldn’t pretend to be anything but yourself.

Men are attracted to women who have standards and respect themselves enough to have weight in their centre. They can feel your inner confidence and want more.

This is the power of the feminine magnetism.