• Sarah Yoo

3 Texting Secrets - How To Use Your Feminine Magnetism To Keep Him Interested

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Welcome to the generation where texting is the new digital courtship. It can be awkward, confusing and anxiety-provoking. There are no black and white rules to it, leading the best of us to wonder:

“Should I text him?”

“Is this too forward?”

“He hasn’t replied in a while - what does this mean?”

Sound all too familiar?

These are the beginning stages of displacing our feminine energy, where our thoughts and actions are no longer centered around us. It’s now pivoted based on what we assume he’s thinking and what appeals to him.

This causes an imbalance of the feminine and masculine energies. As you are no longer dancing from your feminine energy (which he was so drawn to in the first place), the attraction begins to dampen.

But fear not, I present to you an answer to your prayers. An answer that will solve all your problems.

OK, that’s a lie. But here is an important principle that could help your dating life:

Preserving your feminine energy is key to keeping you in your natural state and thus keeping the attraction and relationship inflow.

The better we understand how these energies function, the easier it will be to act within your feminine power and maintaining a relationship based on your natural state.

So, I share the three do’s and don’ts of texting as you get to know him and how you can use your feminine magnetism to attract and keep your new romance in your life.

But first, we must understand why we are attracted to people in the first place and how that plays an integral role in creating chemistry at the most basic level.