• Sarah Yoo

5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Arguments

Society has rapidly changed in recent years, with women now having similar rights as men. While this may be the case, at the core level, women and men are wired differently down to our wants and needs, even how we perceive the world.

This is especially evident in how we handle our relationships, specifically, in our communication.

Which leads us here.

When things are great, there is patience, empathy, and understanding – the ideal recipe for support and reciprocation.

When things go awry like a heated disagreement, that tends to dissolve.

We struggle to communicate effectively as our genetic differences surface and affect our behavior. This can result in misunderstandings, resentment, and possibly, a breakup.

From my research, personal experiences, and from the work I've done with my coaching clients, I saw a pattern in some of the most common mistakes both men and women make in conflicts due to the fundamental gender differences.

Today I will be sharing part 1 - The five biggest mistakes men make in arguments with their partners. And in the next blog, I'll be sharing the most common mistakes that women make in disagreements.

Although I have curated the most common mistakes that men make, it doesn't have to apply just to men! It can be applied to both men and women so pay attention to the patterns of your own relationship

Let's get into it!

1. Dismissive Comments that Invalidate her emotions