• Sarah Yoo

5 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Arguments

In last week's blog post, we explored the 5 most common mistakes men typically make in arguments.

Now, the spotlight is on us ladies!

As I mentioned in the previous blog, it's important for us to recognize that men and women are fundamentally different.

Women think, feel, perceive and understand things differently to men. Therefore how we communicate is different to how our men communicate, especially in times of confrontation or disagreements.

So in order for us to experience our most fulfilling relationships, it's crucial for us to honor this difference.

Because we have argument in relationships, not because we are bad people but because we simply don't understand the opposite sex.

Now, I'm not saying that it is only women who makes these mistakes, men can make them too.

This list has been curated based on my research, personal experience and the work I've done with my coaching clients with their relationships.

I encourage you to read the other article to get a deeper understanding of this and if you really want to step it up, I invite you to go through these 2 articles with your partner 

in a open and non-judgmental conversation.

So, let's get into this!

1. Making generalized complaints