• Sarah Yoo

5 Simple Questions That Will Dramatically Improve Your Relationship

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions. -- Dr. John Demartini

Questions have the ability to completely change one’s life and relationships.

Tough and uncomfortable ones can challenge relationships to deepen, but don’t discount the effectiveness of neutral or day-to-day questions either.

Too often, couples get caught up with routine dialogue as both go about their days.

  • How was work?

  • What do you want for dinner?

  • What Netflix series do you want to watch?

While this is all part of sharing a copasetic life with someone, it can sometimes gloss over bumps in the road. We don’t get deeper beyond these daily exchanges which can cause unintended distance.

Most importantly, it affects our ability to detect if something is wrong or brewing with our counterpart.

With our lives surrounded by multiple relationships, we are bound to have a bad day. However, often times, we try to dismiss these unpleasantries as a coping mechanism.This can create an emotional bruise that’s left tender and open to sensitivities when you come home.

It can build up and unfortunately, come out at the wrong time to the wrong person - your partner.

Being aware of your partner’s emotional bruise can avoid such outcomes tomorrow. You want to address such matters BEFORE they come out of nowhere emerging as full on problems, especially, if they are unrelated to your relationship.

Remember, part of being in a relationship is continuously relating to the other. Help bring out those dismissed thoughts and emotions from your partner. Moreso for the health of the relationship and for preventative measures.

Consider these subtle questions below. Ask your loved one the next time it appears they may be emotionally bruised from their day and could use a little loving nudge.

Get them to open up and begin their process to resolve things. And, save that Friday night