• Sarah Yoo

No one can ever make you FEEL anything - take responsibility of your own emotions.

I used to blame everyone  for my negative emotions. I blamed my boyfriends for making me feel disappointed. 

My mum, for making me feel frustrated.

That crazy driver on the road for making me feel angry.

Back then, it was an unconscious strategy to AVOID dealing with the negativity. What I didn't realize though is that by blaming other people, I suffered more because the negative emotions lasted LONGER. Things changed for me when I became aware of 2 things:

1. Remember that we are CHOOSING our emotion in every moment, no matter the external situation.

This means we have the power to take control of any situation and choose to feel something else.

Things never happen to us, things are always happening in ways that we were meant to experience them.

And sometimes? We experience things just so that we learn to not let it impact us.

Just so that we can practice our awareness, learn to separate our emotions from theirs and simply let it go.

If you are wondering,

"But HOW do I let it go? Sometimes things that are said directed right at me and it's about me!"

2. What anyone is feeling and saying is ALWAYS about them, NOT you. Even if it's directed at you.

They are simply projecting their inner turmoil onto you in hopes to avoid dealing with it themselves.

AND here is the most important thing - they don't realize that they are doing it. It is an automatic response that they have learned in their life to deal with the internal discomfort.

Their mind does not want to deal with it because it means that it has to admit some kind of fault about themselves.