• Sarah Yoo

Self-Compassion: a powerful weapon to destroy self-criticism

This morning I woke up to the loud voice of my own negative, critical and judgmental mind:

"you didn't finish the things that you said you will yesterday"

"you didn't wake up at 6 am, AGAIN"

"you're always wasting your time"

Is anyone else also hard on themselves?

I'm a recovering self-criticism addict - there is always something that I'm dissatisfied with myself. I often feel like that I haven't done enough, that I could've spent my time better or that I'm not growing or improving fast enough.

Constantly feeling inadequate and dissatisfied with myself, I often found myself fluctuating between anxiety and overwhelm.

Until I found self-compassion.

As I began applying what I learned about self-compassion, accepting imperfections and handling negative, self-sabotaging thoughts, I began experiencing more peace and calm in my life.

Which leads me here.

I wanted to share what I learned about self-compassion with you because this practice continues to still bring so much peace into my daily life.

Most of my learning came right from an AMAZING booked called Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff.


What is Self-Compassion?