• Sarah Yoo

Stop Fighting Negative Emotions - Here Is What To Do Instead

Artist - @revelatori

Modern life is a never-ending emotional rollercoaster. The pressure to succeed in life with a great job, 6-pack abs, a thriving social life and an amazing partner, can induce a volatile combination of pressure and stress.

We are conditioned to chase after these symbols of status and happiness. And when we do, we revel in it.

But, what about when we don’t? How do you manage through that?

What if you are feeling angry, sad or just unhappy for no reason whatsoever?

What if you just want to complain and be grumpy?

Most of us struggle with this because growing up, we have been taught to suppress such negative feelings. This is because in western societies, we are addicted to a skewed idea of emotional perfectionism where positivity is rewarded and negativity is frowned upon.

Artist - Liz Climo

I’m sure you often hear: “You’re being dramatic. Suck it up. You shouldn’t feel that.”

Emotional perfectionism gave birth to a mental disease called emotional suppression where many now fear and therefore pretend to not experience any pain or negativity.

But emotional suppression, therefore emotional perfectionism is impossible.

All emotions, both positive and negative, are natural biological forces that we are meant to experience. On the other hand, emotional suppression is an unnatural process that’s to be avoided, due to its detrimental impact on our well being.

Instead, what if we surrender the need to be emotionally perfect and stop fighting these inevitable feelings?