• Sarah Yoo

The One Thing All Women Want In Relationships

With Valentine’s coming, many find themselves wondering what their partner or new person in their lives want and need.

As the relationship dynamic between a man and a woman has evolved over time, women’s needs have too. Years ago, women depended on their men for physical safety - food, shelter, and protection for her and her children.

But now, things have changed.

We no longer live in a world of life-threatening predators or the scarcity of food.

Modern women are more self-sustaining than ever to provide for themselves.

She no longer NEEDS a man to survive.

But she still has needs.

“What could that possibly be? And how can I provide this for her?” says the modern man.

Many are left confused as their desire to provide for their women still remains.

As a fellow woman from this generation, I’ve certainly had this confusion.

And what I’ve learned is this:

What the modern women really want from their men is emotional safety.

Her Biggest Need - Emotional Safety

Creating a space of emotional safety to authentically express one’s thoughts and feelings is a struggle to find today.

This space is what a woman deeply desires in her romantic relationship.