• Sarah Yoo

The One Thing All Men Want In Relationships

Last week, we reviewed what women want in relationships, but what about what men want and need?

Due to men’s evolutionary desire to provide and protect, combined with society’s expectation of a “macho man”, men tend to focus on how they can best provide and have often put their emotions and needs aside. This can leave many unaware and disconnected in their relationships.

So what do men want in relationships?

In general, men’s biggest need and desire is to be respected. This isn’t to say that women don’t need or want to be respected. The truth of the matter is that people should be respected.

But because men and women are wired differently, we respond to things differently.

Most modern women desire emotional safety from their men. While most modern men highly value and desire being respected as a person as well as for their efforts and actions.

There are many ways to respect a person but for a man, it shows itself in three distinct forms: appreciation, recognition, and acceptance.

While they are interconnected, they represent a unique aspect of communication and love.

Below, I break down these distinctions and how you can help your man feel emotionally supported and loved. Know they are equally important - there is no formula or order required, only what best fits your relationship.

Whether you are a man or a woman in a relationship, this article will give you a deeper insight into yourself/partner and what your/their biggest needs are in a romantic relationship.

1. Appreciation

Appreciation is acknowledging the worth of something - his efforts, willingness, and most importantly, him as a person. It let him know that no matter the results, even if he has made a mistake or have failed, that he is enough and he will always be appreciated for all that he already is.