• Sarah Yoo

They Want Your Respect, Not Your Money - My Experience with Inequality, living as an Expat in Bali

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

This is my lovely cleaner, Illuh.

She's one of the warmest and loveliest person I know.

She comes to clean my studio 6 days a week.

She buys fresh water for me.

She tells me when my electricity credit is low and tops it up for me.

She takes my clothes to the laundry. She bring them back washed, ironed and folded the next day.

She does my dishes. 

And my bed. 

I know. It's a crazy life that I'm living right now here in Bali.

But let me tell you, in the beginning, I was REALLY uncomfortable with this.

Whenever she came into my house, I felt bad and wanted to get the hell out of there!

But as with anything, I got used to it. 

One day, I was working at my desk and she came in with her usual warm smile and asked me how my weekend was.

I said, "It was good, thank you", except this time, I was annoyed. I really didn't want to be interrupted so I was frustrated that she was disrupting my flow. I think she must have felt this tension because she continued to clean away without talking.

Of course, I felt really bad..... Sigh.