• Sarah Yoo

When we can be completely alone, we become capable of true love

It's only when we are able to be completely alone, we become capable of true love.

What does it mean, to be completely alone?

It's different to feeling lonely.

Because you can't feel lonely when you like the person that you are lonely with.

In our fast-paced, overly-stimulated, distracting society, it's extremely rare to be alone with ourselves. So, a lot of us become fearful of being alone.

And I don't mean alone with your phone or a TV show in front of you.

I mean, completely alone with no distractions.

When was the last time you were completely alone for 24-hours without any distractions?

We can only become FREE of the fear of being alone, when we learn to be okay with being completely silent and be present with nothing but ourselves. When we learn to enjoy our own company, even with our imperfections. And it is this freedom that allows us to experience pure love.

Because it is from this space that we are able to truly love someone:

Loving another without judging, possessing or controlling them.

Without the need for them to be anything for you.

While, giving them the space to grow in their aloneness.

It is in this space that we get to experience complete FREEDOM in the relationship because there is fluidity, space and flow instead of restrictions or expectations.

"If they are dependent on each other, clinging, possessive, if they don't allow each other to be alone, if they don't allow each other space enough to grow, they are enemies, not lovers; they are destructive to each other, they are not helping each other to find their souls, their beings.
What kind of love is this? It may be just fear of being alone; hence they are clinging to each other. But real love knows no fear.
Real love is capable of being alone, utterly alone, and out of that aloneness grows a togetherness." -- Osho


As always, I'd love to know your thoughts on this.

What was your biggest takeaway?

What's your experience with alonness, freedom and true love?