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In just 4 sessions, Sarah helped to radically up-level my self-confidence and my relationship of 9 years to a level that we've never experienced before.
She helped me to develop the skills and confidence to talk to my partner about topics we had been avoiding for the past few years.
She equipped me with a communication skill set that I needed in order to share my thoughts and my feelings with my partner, in a non-accusing way.
I finally plucked up the courage to talk to my partner, and once I started I felt so incredibly empowered I was on fire!
Sarah's help had a HUGE impact on both myself and my relationship.
Some of the highlights are:
In my Relationship:
  • My partner is now home a lot more (Before he was traveling abroad a lot for work) 
  • "Us time" is now PROTECTED and prioritized in front of people! We are proud of it, he is more proud of us as a unit! (Before it wasn't the first priority and was dismissed for other plans).
  • We now have open conversations about our feelings, wants and needs without worrying about what the other person will think! (Before we weren't being 100% open or honest in fear of pushing each other away)
  • We are just both happier!
Most importantly, Sarah helped me experience one of the biggest realizations about myself that I was completely blind to before, which was a catalyst in creating many positive changes in my life. 
Now I am:
  • Doing more things for me and making decisions based on ME (I know!!!) and he LOVES it.
  • MUCH more confident in myself
  • Confidently asking for what I want and need (my partner loves it! he finds it sexy actually).
The tips that Sarah puts into your ‘toolbox’ will have a HUGE impact on the result of your conversations and ultimately how you feel and show up in your relationship.
My friends have noticed my confidence has bounced back, in my relationship and also in my personal life with new things that I am doing for me. 
I can’t thank Sarah enough.
Her input has been absolutely pivotal in my relationship and in my personal life this year.
If you are wanting to transform how you show up in both your life and your relationship, then I highly recommend her!
You will be amazed at how much can change in just a few sessions! 
Sarah - New Zealand
A passionate coach, a driven individual and now a life ally, Sarah is incredibly intuitive and has helped me with my life in unimaginable ways!
Her best trait is that she really listens and creates that space for you to go through your own process of figuring things out and getting to the root cause of things with her much-needed guidance!
Never pushing, but always guiding. 
A truly inspirational person who has shown me that staying true to myself and fighting for my dreams is always worth it. 
Sharada - Australia
I highly recommend Sarah because she was my biggest cheerleader, supporter yet a firm coach who saw through my shit and helped me step into my greater self. 
I was overworked, frustrated and just unhappy at my hectic, 24/7, shift-based work when I began working with Sarah.
Even though I was unhappy at my job, I wasn't ready to leave for financial reasons.
But as a result of working with her:
  • I negotiated a part-time role with my employer (unheard of!)
  • Formulated an exit plan
  • Changed my relationship with money (GAME CHANGER)
  • then when the timing was right, I left my job on my terms and immediately started working with my own clients
She helped me steer through my own self-doubt and remain focused on taking practical actions that would be constructive towards resolving my problems.
She has this amazing perspective that you can get whatever you want if you're willing to do the work!
I left all of our conversations completely inspired because she always helped me go from "I don't know if I can do that" to "anything is possible!"
Sarah also has a GREAT coaching style - she's supportive yet she'll challenge you with tough love and has this way of simplifying complicated emotions and thoughts, which I found really refreshing and helpful.
Book that call with her! You won't regret it! 
Jacob - New Zealand
In just ONE SESSION, Sarah helped to crystallize my thoughts, desires, and skills together and pointed me in a clear direction, which has served as the foundation of my Coaching Career.
With her patience, listening skills and powerful yet gentle guidance, Sarah is genuine and highly effective in helping people gain clarity and direction through her coaching.
She even offered to send me the key learning points of that session in a word file, which I found very helpful.
I would definitely recommend Sarah if you are looking for a coach who can help you to a breakthrough in any aspect of your life.
Even just one session with her can make a huge difference in your life as it did for me! 
Teng Teck Poh - Career Wealth Freedom Coach, Singapore
Sarah has made the dreamable possible, and for that, I am forever grateful!
I started working with Sarah after a couple of years of struggling with dissatisfying jobs and personal life.
I wasn't satisfied with what I was doing and how I was living my life.
I really wanted to make changes and tried to do so on my own but I was lost.
I wanted to start doing meaningful work, pursuing a project and a business that I was truly passionate about but I didn't know where to start or how to make the changes that I desired and was losing motivation to keep going.
Thanks to her heartfelt support, innate skills for always asking the right questions and POWERFUL coaching guidance, Sarah directed me on my way.
With her assistance, I gained a deeper understanding of myself where I became aware of my blind-spots and limiting beliefs that were holding me back.
From here, we identified and worked on my strengths and narrowed down specific goals to move towards.
I always felt empowered, inspired and motivated after each session!
I remember feeling 'high' for 2 or 3 days straight after our session.
Sarah was flexible enough to adjust to my specific and varying needs during each of our sessions, at the same time providing me with the consistency and accountability I needed to keep working on myself and the things I truly care about.
Thanks to her always caring, attentive and personalized approach, I have made huge steps in the direction of a more productive and generally happier version of myself.
I have created positive habits that I believe support both my person and my future work, which I am extremely excited about!
It was Sarah's enthusiastic, straight-to-the-point intervention that spared a real shift in thinking and subsequently my entire life, I am forever grateful for this. 
I met Sarah while working for a traditional career-focused company. Despite the comfort, I always felt as though I was following in the footsteps of others, taking the safe option.
Sarah helped me find clarity on what I truly want from my life and since then, I've left the corporate world, traveled whilst being sponsored by a major company and found genuine passions that are now sustaining me.
What I really appreciate about Sarah is that she is extremely insightful and has an inspiring perspective on life, which in turn always inspire me to move beyond my comfort zones and follow my passions.
I highly recommend Sarah if you are looking for clarity, inspiration, and support in starting your own journey!
Harry - New Zealand

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